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To enrich the future of HK RG

About us

Our Mission


The Hong Kong Rhythmic Gymnastics Group, a social enterprise and non- profit making group, was formed by a group of local Rhythmic Gymnastics teachers. The RG Group is dedicated to promoting RG education and nurturing local RG talents, by staging full-length RG performances, and organizing not only work-shops and seminars but also Open RG competition in Hong Kong. The aim of the RG Group is to offer an impartial platform for students from all RG schools to perform as well as to compete together.


The main objectives of the Hong Kong Rhythmic Gymnastics Group are :
•    To provide RG performing opportunities for its members
•    To provide a neutral platform for students from different schools to work together
•    To identify young RG talents through competition and encourage their development by awards and scholarships
•    To recruit teachers and artists to promote RG on a voluntary basis
•    To invite internationally renowned artists/ gymnasts/ teachers to work with our student members to enhance their exposure to international standards
•    To broaden public awareness and interest in RG for building audiences for this art form

Through different kinds of activities and events, we provide jobs to people in need and free rhythmic gymnastics training for their kids.

Main Events


There are 4 competitions:
•   Queens Cup - International Level, since 2013
•   Hong Kong Inter School Competition - Local Level, since 2014
•   England Cup - UK Exam Level, since 2018
•   Baby Queena Cup - International Level (Online), since 2020
•   Children Challenge Cup will be host for public to learn more RG

Judge & Coach Workshops:
•   Judging Course
•   Coaching Course
•   Refreshment Course
•   First Aid & Child Care Course

Other Workshops:

•   Master Class

•   Extravaganza

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