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What is Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic Gymnastics - Elegance Art


What is Rhythmic Gymnastics:

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a combining grace, coordination, agility and artistry. Accompanied by stirring music, performers use small hand apparatus (Rope, Ball, Hoop, Ribbon & Clubs) to weave a routine of flawless beauty moulding performer, music and apparatus into one.

The handling of apparatus whilst performing turns, pivots, balances and jumps with showing good expression and beauty of body.



Rhythmic gymnastics is a combination of  gymnastics and dance with the artistic and skillful use of hand-held apparatuses. The concept of rhythmic gymnastics has been around since the 1800s, but has developed into a full-fledged Olympic sport since conception.


Officially recognized for the first time as modern gymnastics in 1961, it later became and remained known as rhythmic gymnastics. The first World Championship for the sport was held in 1963 and it was added in the Olympic in 1984 for individual items only. In the 1996 Summer Olmpics, a group  category was added too.


Men's RG:

Rhythmic gymnastics is largely performed by women and girls, but a growing number of men participate in some countries. Physical abilities and skills such as hand/body-eye co-ordination, but tumbling, strength, power, and martial arts skills are the main focus. It is most popular in Asia, especially in Japan where high school and university teams compete fiercely. As of 2002, there were 1000 men's rhythmic gymnasts in Japan. Stick gymnastics has been taught and performed for many years with the aim of improving physical strength and health.


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